Halloween Apple Monsters

Another easy Halloween snack to create using a few simple ingredients.

These spooky apples fun to make and yummy to eat for both the kids and grown ups! Plus they are healthy 😀

Get the kids involved and let them create their own little monster

Perfect for a spooky Halloween party or a lunch box snack

👾 Apples - I chose green granny smiths they are Siya's fav!
👾 Strawberries - cut into thin slices
👾 Peanut butter - I used @wholeearthfoods peanut butter drizzle
👾 Roasted Sunflower seeds - for the rotten teeth
@mycakedecor edibles eyes 👀 or spooky eyes
👾 @mycakedecor chocolate writer (optional)

1️⃣ Wash, slice into quarters and core the apples
2️⃣ For the mouth, carefully cut the shape in the center of the apple
3️⃣ Add the peanut butter, spread it top and bottom of the inside
4️⃣ Place the strawberry spice in the bottom part of the apple and then push the sunflowers in
5️⃣ I used @mycakedecor chocolate  writers to stick the eyes on but melted chocolate  or peanut butter can be used

Rose Hippo plate from @natbebeuk